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Nobody ever thinks about the RING itself as a character. It's sentient, it's alive and it's plotting the whole damn thing to get back to it's master. So I did a vid from it's perspective.

Artist: Nina Simone
Song: Feeling Good
Type: Character profile
Character: The Ring
I have been going vid-crazy!!!

Well folks. Here be another Sirius and James vid from yours truly. This idea came from one of di_br and I's late night chats and I remembered this song. Now, recently having fallen in love with all things "Wicked" I had to do a tribute. Hence this little gem.

Title: For Good
Song: "For Good" from Wicked Soundtrack
Pairing: Sirius/James
Type: Nostalgic, sweet
Footage used: State of Grace, Chicago, HP and the Sorcerer's Stone, HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I tried my best to do a duet between James and Sirius being set in present time, but reflecting with the past interlaced, ya know? And yes, there is a shot of Bellatrix.

Also did another one.

Title: Heaven
Song: A Frequent Thing by Thomas Newman
Pairing: Duh!
Footage: State of Grace, Prisoner of Azkaban

Cameron/Wilson "Ordinary Day"

House M.D. video with Cameron/Wilson fluffy bunny lurve. Set to Vanessa Carlton's "Ordinary Day"

Jun. 1st, 2008

I'm uploading all the older vids. So if you get those random, WOW! Brina's been full of editing time.

It'S not true, I'm just uploading all the old crap.

Have a good one. So ignore the whatnot.

The Rebellion Within...

Vid based around episodes of "Last of the Time Lords", "Sound of Drums" and "Utopia". Not in that order, but regardless.

Dr. Who is copyright of the BBC and not by me, but ONE DAY!!

Song is "We Are" by Ana Johnsson.

Apr. 24th, 2008

Hi! This is the first entry into my new vidding community. Please to be making recommendations and whatnot.

I'm working on a few vids for Dr. WHo at the moment. Including:

A vid based on "Sound of the Drums" and "Last of the Timelords"
Rose/Ten vid (basic fluff and angst!!!)
A christmas based video
And a gift for di_br